Concealed Carry Pants: The Discreet Guide For 2023

Whether working in an active conflict zone or simply looking to disguise your everyday carry discreetly, concealed carry pants, khakis or shorts are the way to go.

It can be tough to conceal a handgun under regular clothing and tougher still to ensure that your firearm is both easy to access and comfortably worn. 

And although the United States has more than 14,500,000 concealed carry license holders, it’s also increasingly popular abroad too, such as in the gun-friendly country of the Czech Republic in Europe.

“Concealed carry pants are a great asset to undercover law enforcement, civilians and covert military operatives alike.”

It’s important to consider all three factors – comfort, accessibility and inconspicuousness – when looking for a good pair of concealed-carry pants.

It could quite literally be the difference between life and death. 

The Most Common Types of Concealed Carry Pants 

Your average Albuquerque gunslinger is going to be wearing a different kind of concealed carry pants to someone on the November streets of Buffalo, NY.

It’s important for factor #1 (comfort) that the right kind of pants are worn. Factors #2 and #3 are, of course, always important. 

Concealed Carry Khakis 

Great for your day-to-day, khakis are appropriate for home, the mall, or the office.

Business-casual khakis help you blend into a crowd discreetly, and good brands are comfy throughout the day, whether you’re hiking the trail or sitting at your desk. 

Concealed Carry Shorts 

Stay cool and collected with concealed carry shorts, the only choice for those looking to pack heat in the heat.

Cargo shorts are the best choice here, as their cut will ensure that your handgun will not be easily spotted. 

Concealed Carry Jeans 

Great for more rugged outdoor activities, the tougher fabric of jeans means you’re trail-ready while maintaining all the comfort and discreetness of other kinds of concealed carry pants. 

Concealed Carry Cargo Pants 

The only choice for those who need the peace of mind of a larger firearm and/or extra clips, concealed carry cargo pants are great for concealing something as meaty as a Desert Eagle, and you can pack in a good amount of extra ammo.

Concealed carry cargo pants are fantastic for those anticipating the possibility of prolonged encounters. 

What Should You Look For In A Pair Of Concealed Carry Pants? 

As mentioned, there are three considerations when looking for a good pair of concealed-carry pants: comfort, accessibility and inconspicuousness. 


It’s all very well having a pair of pants that would hide a gun from hostiles, but if your weapon is digging into your hip throughout the day, you’re not likely to wear them very often. 

Comfort cannot be understated, especially if you’ve got an EDC. A good pair of concealed carry pants will have the firearm located deep in the pocket and down the thigh, so there’s no discomfort or pinching. 


It’s very important that you can access your weapon quickly and securely. Some concealed carry options manage one or the other, but seldom both. 

Good concealed carry pants facilitate the safe, swift access of your firearm, generally with a deep pocket that allows you to prep drawing your weapon without alerting potential hostiles.

Make sure this is a priority when purchasing concealed-carry pants. 


The whole point of concealed carry is that people don’t know that you’re carrying. Your pants could be the most comfortable in the world, and your draw time could be a tenth of a second, but if the man in the street can spot your weapon, then you might as well open-carry. 

This is why concealed carry pants are so important. Using deep hidden pockets and the pants’ cut to hide the shape of your gun can make it very difficult for even trained professionals to spot your firearm. 

How Do You Effectively Use Concealed Carry Pants? 

You could have the best pair of concealed carry pants in the world, but they are of no use at all if they’re ill-fitted and the holster is not properly used.

Make sure to have your pants correctly fitted and prepared. 

Measure Your Waist Manually 

When ordering a pair of concealed carry pants, the measurements you provide must be accurate.

It’s no good relying on the label of store-bought pants – measure a pair of comfortable, loose-fitting pants yourself. 

This is easy to do. Simply measure from hip to hip, double, and you have your waist size. Provide this to your concealed carry pants vendor. 

Practice Your Draw 

In a combat situation, you’re only as good as your draw. A good pair of concealed carry pants can facilitate this, but it’s still a good idea to practice for a while to ensure smoothness, speed and safety. 

Similarly, ensuring the concealed holster is optimally configured for you is important. It’s no good fishing around in the bottom of your pocket when you need to draw your weapon quickly.

Ensure that it doesn’t sit too deep and that your knuckles have ample clearance. 

Use a Trigger Guard Sheath (TGS) 

Gun safety is always paramount, and a trigger guard sheath does double duty regarding concealed carry.

It prevents accidental discharge and disguises the contour of your trigger guard, making spotting your weapon even more difficult. 

Secure Your Weapon 

The last thing you want is for your own weapon to be taken away and used against you.

Even the most vigilant of us can let our guards down in the right circumstances, and pickpockets and other miscreants can be experts at distracting people. 

The best concealed carry pants can prevent anyone from easily gaining access to your firearm if the situation calls for it by using fold-up Velcro lips or other means.

This will increase your draw time, of course, so it’s a judgment call, but make sure that the option is there. 

In Conclusion, Stay Concealed When You Carry

Statistics show that the 42 U.S. states that activated the “right-to-carry” law for citizens saw their overall crime rate either fall or fail to rise further.

Concealed carry pants are a great asset to undercover law enforcement, civilians and covert military operatives alike.

Still, the right type needs to be purchased, and they need to be used correctly.

Make sure that you always pre-measure manually and familiarize yourself with the design of any concealed carry pants you purchase, and you’ll be ready for anything. 

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