Who Are We?

Welcome to War Advisor. We're a well-established security consultancy and magazine providing unrivalled insight into global defence, international conflicts, obscure military history, guns, gear, and tech.

War Advisor is run by a close-knit team of international security advisors, defense experts, and military veterans. Together, we have decades of experience on the frontlines of global defence. From staying safe in war-torn countries to covering the latest guns and tactical gear on the market, War Advisor has got your six.

Zander Witbooi

Born in South Africa and raised in the United Kingdom, Zander spent decades deployed in high risk areas and conflict zones around the world as part of the British Army. He now draws upon his gained experience to provide unrivaled security consulting services to a range of projects and individuals inside and outside of the defense space.

Joel Collins

From Eastern Ukraine to the mountains of Chechnya, Jaymar has spent the better part of a decade working on the ground as a security consultant in some of the world's most high-risk areas. Jaymar's work can range from unrivalled insights into breakaway states to covering the latest tech on the defense market and everything in between.

Claire Morton

After carving out a successful career in intelligence, Claire Morton went on to represent some of the most well-known defense companies around the globe. Today, she runs a successful security consultancy business and is War Advisor's go-to expert in providing unrivalled security, travel and fixing services to our clients worldwide.

Otto Bergmann

A seasoned weapons analyst, Otto brings a wealth of expertise in the intricate realm of arms technology and conflict dynamics. His keen insights into the evolving landscape of military technologies make him a sought-after authority in the field, often contributing valuable perspectives to vital security and defense discussions on a global scale.

Don O'Hanlan

A lifelong shooting enthusiast, proud U.S. Army veteran and an avid military history enthusiast, Don O'Hanlan is War Advisor's man on the ground regarding global firearms and coverage of some of the most obscure but fascinating aspects of modern warfare that few people know about. Amongst military circles, he's better known as "Defense Don".

Jannie Van Wik

Jannie, a seasoned South African security advisor, brings a wealth of experience in risk management. With a background in military and private security, he has honed his skills in navigating complex security landscapes. His keen understanding of regional dynamics make him a trusted advisor in safeguarding clients' interests in the challenging environments of Africa.