8 Underrated Glock Upgrades Every Owner Must Consider 

Glock offers some of the best after-market mods and upgrades that you’re likely to find, and no other type of handgun comes close. 

The real difficulty is in deciding between all the different kinds of Glock upgrades on offer. With a little research, however, you’ll soon have that Glock decked out with all manner of cool mods. 

Let’s take a look at the most epic Glock upgrades currently available. 

Tungsten Guide Rod is one of the Easiest Glock Upgrades

One of the easiest upgrades to make to your Glock is replacing the guide rod. You can even do it if you have no previous experience modding your Glock – all you need to do is remove the slide, take out the old plastic guide rod, and slot the new tungsten one in. 

It’s an easy change to make to Glock pistols, but the difference in your shooting will be streets ahead.

The heavy tungsten rod (which weighs about five times more than the plastic one) will help reduce muzzle rise and increase your accuracy.

Like many Glock upgrades, it won’t make a bad shooter into a good one, but it will significantly help those trying to up their shooting game. 

There’s a Bunch of Badass Sights to Upgrade Glock Pistols 

The standard sights on your Glock are just fine, but do you really want to settle for “just fine” when you could fit much better alternatives such as night sights? 

By fitting some nice custom sights like those offered by Dawson Precision, you can be sure that you’re hitting the target with much more frequency than before.

Their adjustable iron sights are great for when you need to compensate for new ammo or any other variables, and they have a great selection on offer. 

Of course, the best kind of sight for your Glock pistols is probably a red sight. Luckily, they’re easily installed and will quickly improve your shooting game. 

The Grip is one of the Most Underrated Ways to Upgrade Glock Pistols

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One of the most underrated things to upgrade on a Glock model is the grip. Over time, people who find the factory grip uncomfortable are going to find it increasingly hard to use the gun effectively, and shifting it mid-use to alleviate an aching hand is obviously not ideal. 

Companies like Great Lakes Custom Works excel at improving the grip properly in order to make it more comfortable, as well as doing work on the trigger guard for better recoil control.

They’ll also finish the gun with Lucas Oil and put it through an ultrasonic cleaner to ensure that, modifications aside, your gun looks as good as it would come off the factory floor. 

Extended Controls  

Not the flashiest upgrade in the world – but definitely one that’s extremely important when it comes to quality of life – is fitting extended controls. 

This entails switching out the factory-standard slide stop, slide lock, and mag release controls for alternatives that are bigger and meatier, such as an extended slide stop lever, extended mag, or a Glock extended magazine release.

Because they’re easier to find and activate, you won’t find yourself fumbling around trying to depress them in high-intensity situations, improving your life overall. However, they might not be ideal for those of you who are making use of concealed carry gun maneuvers.

You Can Upgrade The Stock Glock Trigger 

Again, there’s nothing wrong with the trigger that comes with the Glock as standard. But there are better options out there, and it’s a great idea to avail yourself of one such option. It’s also a good idea to make use of one if your fingers aren’t on the longer side. 

The Agency Arms flat-faced trigger is a fantastic option for those who find themselves struggling with the OEM trigger.

It allows for smooth travel, better trigger pull weight, and a short, easy reset that’s easy on those shorter fingers. 

Beyond this, there are dozens upon dozens of options to consider, from lightening the trigger pull to – if you find it too light as is – making it heavier. When it comes to Glock triggers, the world is your oyster. 

Extended Base Pads 

Some smaller Glocks are a little too small for bigger hands, and you may find yourself with nowhere to rest your pinky finger.

Alternatively, you may simply want to use an extended mag. In either case, an extended base pad is probably a good call. 

Some base pads, it’s worth noting, do not add to your clip size; they simply extend the grip to make for more comfortable handling.

Some examples are the base pads offered by Pearce Grips, which simply extend your grip out by a couple of inches. 

Others do actually increase capacity by a round or two (but not much more than that – for that, you’ll want a dedicated magazine extender). Taran Tactical offers the perfect base pads for this. 

 How About a Threaded Barrel?

It’s not recommended to switch out the Glock’s OEM barrel unless you’re an enthusiast looking to do something special with it – the OG barrel is that good. However, if you’d like to do so nonetheless, then you’ll not lack options when it comes to aftermarket barrels.

KKM Precision offers a whole bunch of Glock barrels that will give you an advantage if you’re into competitive shooting.

Their range is extremely extensive and, in all cases, will improve your accuracy (assuming you’re already a competent shooter). 

Looking to make use of a suppressor? The original barrel won’t help with that – it’s not designed to accommodate one.

In order to turn your Glock’s barrel into something that will, you’ll need a threaded barrel like those offered by Lone Wolf. 

Finally, it may be the case that you’d like to change the caliber of your Glock. If that’s the case, then you could do worse than consider these barrels – also by Lone Wolf – that facilitate doing just that. 

From Night Sights to Custom Triggers, The Sky’s The Limit! 

There are many more ways in which you can modify or otherwise upgrade your Glock – the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to such a versatile firearm – and it’s simply a matter of figuring out in which way you’d like to do so with the best Glock upgrades for you.

From glow-in-the-dark sights to extended magazines and sundry other accessories, there are a great many aftermarket upgrades in which you can turn your Glock into the gun of your dreams.

Many of the companies we’ve listed here today offer great ways of doing that, so it’s time to do a little research into fashioning the gun of your dreams! 

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