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Egyptian AK 47: Meet The Iconic Maadi AKM!

When we think of things associated with Egypt, the country's assault rifles usually aren't one of them. But the Egyptian AK 47 has made...

8 Infamous IRA Technicals: Bizarre & Lethal!

Regarding technicals in modern warfare, the Toyota is the most easily recognizable. But unto you've witnessed IRA technicals, you haven't seen anything yet! Compared to...

The Most Common SIG p365 Problems People Face 

Featured image credit: The SIG Sauer p365 is often cited as one of the best concealed-carry pistols on the market, largely due to its...

5 Formidable Female Special Forces Units Worldwide

War has historically been very much considered the province of men. With a few notable historical exceptions, in fact, it’s pretty much been a...

$6 Billion UK Defence Buildup in Response to Threats from Russia & China

Yesterday, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unveiled plans for an additional £5 billion ($6 billion) UK defence boost that aims to shore up Britain's...